Some of our most asked questions.

  • Make sure your home is neat and clean before our technician visits.  We want the bugs attracted to our bait / poison versus the cookie crumbs on your counter.
  • Put away or cover all baby and pet toys, pet beds and any other supplies.
  • Mop and scrub the kitchen and other surfaces with detergent. Vacuum the carpets.
  • If you see any roach and spider eggs before the exterminator visits, just vacuum them up using a crevice attachment. Once you have vacuumed the eggs, make sure you discard them safely. Take the vacuum cleaner out, seal the trash bag properly and dispose of it.
  • Make sure there is no garbage inside the home. Dispose of it before our applicator arrives.
  • Make arrangements to ensure that the applicator has an easy access to all areas both inside and out. Please make every effort to enable them to access all walls including those in all rooms, closets, utility rooms and in the attic and garage. Also assure access under sinks in kitchen, bathrooms and garage (if applicable). If these areas are stacked up with boxes / items, we cannot treat them.
  • If you have any excess paper products in your home or other trash that may be home to roaches or other insects, remember to discard them before our applicator arrives.
  • Seal any leaks in the water supply of your home.
  • If any of your family members are young children, sick, have asthma and/or are pregnant please let us know prior to the treatment.  Keep in mind that people and pets often have to be kept away for a period of time when pest control services are in progress.
  • Even after the applicator has left, make sure you maintain best possible hygiene and sanitation to allow the treatment to work as effectively as possible.
  • Do not water your lawn or flower beds for 24 hours following the treatment.
  • Wipe off kitchen counters prior to allowing food, plates, etc. to touch them.
  • The first few days after a treatment you may see insects crawl out into open places to die. This is normal. We recommend disposing of these as usual to avoid pets eating them.

Go to to access a common spider identification tool provided by Texas ATM AgriLife Extension

Yes.  Unfortunately, these chemicals are strong and cannot differentiate.

We will not spray near your pool so this will not be an issue.

At the very least until all chemicals are dry.  We recommend waiting a minimum of 2 hours.

No. However, we recommend that children, pregnant mothers, those with asthma or breathing issues and the elderly leave the house and stay away a minimum of 2 hours to be safe. 

 The technician will provide you with the name and label of any chemical used when they arrive.  This will also be listed in the client portal that you have access to 24/7.